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Comra Films

Comra Films was established in 2017 as a film production company and gradually began offering training programs in Yemen.

In 2020, Comra re-emerged as two independent yet co-existing entities, Comra Films and Comra Academy, led exclusively by two of the original 4 co-founders: Oscar-nominated Yemeni Film Director, Sara Ishaq (CEO) and Yemen's top-ranking Film Producer, Yousra Ishaq (COO).

Prior to establishing Comra Films in 2017, Sara and Yousra had worked extensively together on a number of international and local film productions and film training programs in Yemen since they met in 2015. ( Nope, despite sharing the same surname, they're not actually related ;) )

Although both manage the overall functioning of Comra Films and cross-over between Film Production and Academy activities, Sara runs Comra Academy (Training) and foundation financing primarily from Amsterdam NL, where it is registered as a non-profit foundation, while Yousra runs Comra Films (Productions) and operations on the ground in Sana'a, Yemen.

We’re always looking to collaborate and enhance the film work that we do in Yemen, so do get in touch if you want to work with or support us.

Our Team

Team members of Comra Films