Comra Films is a Yemen-based filmmaking foundation.

In a place like Yemen where film studies is non-existent, foreign media access is blocked and political media outlets control the world’s view of Yemen and it’s people, we believe that ‘now’ is the time for independent Yemeni filmmakers to reclaim their voice and change how the world sees us, our country and our struggles.

At Comra Films, we try to fulfil that objective through high-quality training programs and film productions.

Film Training

We run filmmaking courses

such as short and intensive creative documentary and fiction film camps & workshops covering all filmmaking fundamentals from pre-production to post-production. We also offer ongoing mentorship and guidance to our trainees to ensure that they advance in the field. Our film trainers have been trained in the method’s of the National Film School of Denmark and the Edinburgh College of Art. The majority of our trainees continue to work with us as interns, freelancers or full-time staff.

Film Production

We offer film production services

from online video campaigns, gathering footage for international TV outlets, creating infographics and animation videos. In-house, we also support the production of longer form creative and independent documentary and fiction films.

Whatever filming access or assistance required across Yemen, we work tirelessly to provide it ethically, professionally and efficiently.

Film Work

Coffee Without Borders

October 22, 2019

Abandoned Yemen

February 5, 2019

Coffee hunters

February 5, 2019

Yemeni Women Building Peace in Times of War

February 5, 2019